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Summer School on Transnational Dispute Resolution, Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation

Università degli Studi di Milano (Italy) and Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Portugal) jointly organize the 2nd edition of the Summer School on Transnational Dispute Resolution, which will take place from 1 to 16 September 2014 in the beautiful settings of Palazzo Feltrinelli at Gargnano (Brescia), on the shores of Lake Garda and in the enchanting city of Lisbon.

The Summer School is structured in three different modules on Mediation, Intemational Commercial Arbitration and Transnational Litigation respectively.The first and the second modules will be held in Gargnano and the third one in Lisbon. The Summer School is open to undergraduates and/or postgraduates and/or lawyers who want to improve their knowledge of the theory and practice of transnational disputes resolution, also in view of a possible career in that fìeld of law.

The course will combine theoreticallessons as well as practical and interactive sessions (seminars, workshops, simulations, mock trials), alI held in English. The Faculty Members are well known academics, members of important arbitraI institutions and highly respected professionals with remarkable experience in the field of domestic and intemational dispute resolution.

Very good knowledge of written and spoken English is an essential requirement to be admitted to the Summer School. The candidates should send the application form along with their CV in English (max 2 pages) and an introduction letter to summerschoolmedarb@unimi.it on or before Friday, 30 May 2014. Undergraduate, postgraduate students and trainee lawyers are also required to send the list of their University exams with marks.
The participation to the Summer School will entitle the participants to the recognition of credits within the Italian and Portuguese Bar Association.

Summer school fees cover tuition, educational material, room and board at Palazzo Feltrinelli in Gargnano, transfer to Lisbon and accommodation in Lisbon at Residència Alfredo de Sousa, Campus de Capolide.

All relevant information can be found at http://mni.ariel.ctu.unimi.it

For any information please contact:
Prof. Albert Henke (albert.henke@unimi.it), Prof. Mariana França Gouveia (marianagouveia@fd.unl.pt): coordinators modules on international commercial arbitration and transnational litigation

Prof. Luigi Cominelli (luigi.cominelli@unimi.it): coordinator module on mediation

05 febbraio 2014
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